KARMANDAN, in Farsi, translates to blue-collar office workers. The group founder Erwin Khachikian along with members Niaz Nawab (Vocals), Daniele De Cario (Bass), Michael Schron (Drums), Rafik Shahbazian (Guitars) perform globally. The projects first album released in 2010 gained the attention of the Iranian media and soon KARMANDAN were a common band to young musicians and music listeners. 

Erwin Khachikian (Los Angeles) and Niaz Nawab's (Paris) sing in their language farsi. They perform globally and have appeared on nationally acclaimed networks such as BBC, Mano To, MBC. Their stage presence has grabbed attention of the concert goers and translated to sold out shows for the project.Their 4 full length album called 'Terminal 1' is a writing collaboration between Niaz Nawab and Erwin Khachikian released on Feb 15, 2019.

Their songs subject-matter aim to face the complexity of modern life issues and concerns in simple notes and words.